JJ Safety LLC

We are top rated in our industry for working with contractors to manage their safety compliance needs!

A little about who we are

We are a small group of contractor compliance experts, who are experienced in regulatory occupational safety and health compliance. We have extensive safety audit and contractor pre-qualification process experience. Our primary focus is the successful completion and maintenance of systems like ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier, Veriforce, BROWZ, Complyworks, and other systems.

We have positioned ourselves to be above the rest by our tireless commitment to our clients and our result driven approach to achieve complete compliance for your business.

We are devoted to helping our customers achieve the highest rating possible with their clients through our pursuit of superior customer service practices and industry expertise. We work tirelessly to provide the highest level of assistance for our clients.
Jonathan NicholsMember, JJ Safety LLC

Our Mission



We believe in providing outstanding service and only on the things you really need for your business. Quality is what we aim for in serving all of our customers large or small. We have put time into the product you see whether it be safety programs, training, or recommendations on your safety management system. You can rest assured that you are receiving quality service.



We place high value on relationships, and we hope to have your business for years to come. We aim to treat you right by not charging outrageous prices for our services, or selling tons of “safety” products that you really don’t need. Although we may be located hundreds of miles away from our clients, we want to feel good about looking you in the eye, and shaking your hand when we meet.


Top Rated

Our market can have many competitors but we dare you to take a look at their ratings compared to ours. We will beat them every time because of our commitment to you and the excellence we put into everything we do. We are not just looking for another paying client but a partnership to help you grow your business and get you the work you deserve.



Let’s face it – sometimes it just can’t wait. We get that and that is why we have an “always connected” philosophy. As a customer of JJ safety, you will have access to your account manager at all times because you will have their mobile work number. No one likes being in the dark so we work hard to keep you in the loop throughout your time with us.

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