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AVETTA® Certification

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We Help With AVETTA® Compliance

Do you have a client requiring you to setup and join the AVETTA® platform? While that statement may seem simple enough that you just need to “join” there is a lot more involved than just that.

JJ Safety is a group of experts that helps contractors manage their AVETTA® accounts to achieve and maintain compliance with their customers. As a client of JJ Safety we work with you to get your AVETTA® account up and running quickly. Our services are tailored for every type of contractor across many different industries. If you have an AVETTA® account or need to set one up we can help you achieve compliance!

Achieve Avetta® Compliance With Our Expert Service!

Needing help with your AVETTA® compliance? We are the experts in achieving compliance on your account for your clients!

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How We Can Help

Questionnaires (PQF)

Apart of becoming compliant with AVETTA® is completing your PQF or put simply your questionnaire. This Questionnaire can be more than 1000+ questions. The PQF goes over specific aspects of your safety programs, implementation, policies, and training. We provide assistance with completing this to meet your client expectations. This isn’t to just check a box “yes” but to analyze gaps you have in your business and what supporting programs and training you may need to fullfill your client expectations

Safety Programs

After finishing the PQF you will need to submit your company safety program for review to AVETTA®. They are looking for specific policies that meet your client requirements and industry standards. Being a client of JJ Safety you will receive access to our library of over 350+ safety programs that are compliant with the standards of AVETTA® and your specific industry. We will put together all the required programs for your account and submit them on your behalf. You of course will receive copies of all documents for your use.

Document Management

The Next step of any AVETTA® account is you will need to provide supporting documents. This includes your certificate of insurance or COI for every client you are connected with. Additionally, you will supply them with your OSHA/OHS record-keeping information for your injuries and workers comp ratings. We understand this can be a process to put together and done correctly. Our service will work with you to make sure you have all the right documents and all insurance is uploaded properly with the right information. We even can work directly with your insurance company.

Ongoing Management

Finally, when we have completed all the requirements in your AVETTA® account it doesn’t stop there. You will find there are frequent updates within your account. This can be for quarterly data, new clients being connected to you, or just changes in industry standards that need to be reflected in your account. Our AVETTA® account management service will keep you up to date throughout the whole year. There will be no need for you to worry about staying in compliance again!

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