Gold Shovel Standard

Gold Shove Standard Programs

We can help develop a state specific dig-in prevention program that you can use to help train your workforce. Not only to implement internally but will be accepted with Gold Shovel Standard requirements.

Why Choose Us?

State Specific

Each state and province has its own set of requirements for utilities and digging. Each program will be unique to your state requirements and industry best practices.

Easy to use Quiz

Apart of becoming Gold Shovel Standard certified is making sure your employees can be tested. Their knowledge of the dig-in prevention program will be essential not only for compliance but the overall goal in having such a program in place. We provide the needed quiz to have your employees complete once going through the program.

Fast Upload & Submission

We usually can have your program uploaded into Gold Shovel within the same day. We are able to make your state specific plan quickly and have the documents to you to begin going over with your workforce.

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