BROWZ Safety

BROWZ Safety

BROWZ was founded on the principles of ISO certification and compliance. They are one of the leading third party verification providers. The BROWZ supply chain verification service helps organizations and their suppliers exchange compliance related information. As an independent third party, BROWZ provides the value-added service of collecting, verifying, and tracking supplier responses. Implementation of the BROWZ patented, web-based content management technology results in cost savings, reduced operational risk, and improved business performance.

How We Can Help

Once you have registered with BROWZ , you will need to submit occupational health and safety, environment, ethics, anti-corruption, financial, internal policies, insurance licenses and training documentation to BROWZ for review and audit.

Once the BROWZ team has completed the audit you will be given  a score, or a grade status based on how well you meet your client requirements.

Our team of experts are more than qualified to successfully complete every step of your document preparation and submission process.


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