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Avetta is a renowned contractor prequalification company, that was created more than a decade ago with a focus on improving safety.

In just a few years, Avetta’s world-class contractor pre-quaflication service has become an industry leader. They are now the fastest-growing contractor management company in the world. Avetta ensures that suppliers are pre-qualified to work in safe and sustainable manner. Their products include:

  • DocuGUARD
  • AuditGUARD
  • InsureGUARD
  • EmployeeGUARD

These products are used by clients to help manage their suppliers. You as a contractor/supplier may find yourself having to join Avetta to meet your client requirements.

How We Can Help

The Avetta safety compliance process is different for each contractor and for each hiring client. However, the overarching requirements are just about the same for every situation. Safety Manual audit, Questionnaire (PQF), Insurance submissions, OSHA logs, and other documentation are all required in your account.

While these may be the same for each contractor, the specifics of each can vary. Such as required safety policies and training as well as insurance requirements can vary based on region, industry, clients, etc.


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