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If you have worked in the oil and gas sector for any length of time, chances are that you have heard of PEC Safety. They standardized safety and skills training to the oil and gas contractor workforce. As well as online standardized forms for reporting safety information from contractor to operator. Their belief is that standardization is a key component to not only simplifying common safety practices and saving money for our customers, but also to making the work environment a safer place.

Our Service Will Help You Achieve PEC Safety Compliance

We are experts in assisting contractors meet all their PEC Safety account requirements.

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How We Help Achieve Compliance

Apart of our service is we will assist you in opening your account with PEC Safety if you do not have one yet. This way we can assist in speeding things up as much as possible.

The SSQ is PEC Safety’s account questionnaire. This questionnaire can have over 1000+ questions. First, we will work with you to understand your business and go through these questionnaires on your behalf. Then we will make sure to highlight your company in the best way. Additionally, we will work with you on any gaps that we see present within the SSQ.

Such things can include trainings you may need to implement and programs that you should have in place. We don’t just answer yes to questions just because they get you points. We want to make sure you implement those things as well.

Having a safety program and safety training with proper documentation is an important part of any business. PEC Safety will want to verify all your documentation. This can be a problem for many companies though. We provide services to get your programs up to speed with the requirements of your client and the reviewers as well help you implement or provide any missing requirements you have. We have a library of over 350+ safety programs that have all been verified previously. We can help you get started as well if you do not have a program in place.

Many of our clients have a consistent issue before signing up with us. This is the management of their insurance certificates and getting them to be approved. We will work directly with your insurance agent/broker to get the right information uploaded and do it quickly.

The time it takes for PEC Safety to review your insurance can take a few days and for the review to come back rejected can be a huge issue. Especially if you are waiting to get on a job site or start work for a client. Our service ensures a reduced error rate and we advocate on your behalf with the reviewer and even your client if there are insurance requirements that do not pertain to your work.

Finally, when all your account requirements have been met and reviewed there is still more work to do. You will find that there are consistent updates to PEC Safety. This can be from new industry standards, system updates, new clients being connected, or existing clients updating their requirements.

Our service for PEC Safety account management will make sure you stay up to date with all these updates and requirements throughout the year.

Why Use JJ Safety?

  • We can have your account submitted for review typically within 3 days of your account being open
  • Our safety programs have a 100% acceptance guarantee
  • We have done this for over 2500+ clients among many industries
  • Our service is meant to help you focus on your business and service
  • Customer Service is important to us and you will get the best experience with us

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