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Have a fun and safe St Patrick’s Day Holiday from JJ Safety!

St. Patrick's Day

Joe Powder

Here are some tips to stay safe!

Have a designated driver – if you plan on drinking and don’t have a designated driver, there are plenty of other options. Consider using Lyft, Uber, a Taxi, or even public transportation.

Leave valuables at home

Eat protein dense foods and stay hydrated – Corned beef is a perfect protein dense food that slows down the stomach when digesting alcohol. Studies have shown drinking on an empty stomach will significantly increase the effects of alcohol. Drink water in between alcohol drinks.

Don’t leave drinks unattended – this is a pretty good rule thumb when drinking in any public setting.

Take care of your friends– friends don’t let friends drink and drive

Don’t get into a vehicle with an intoxicated driver

Always buckle up! – Even though you or your driver may be perfectly sober, other drivers may not be.

If you have questions about anything safety related, give us a call at 833-277-7022 or feel free to email us at

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