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First Aid

When a serious injury occurs, you must think and act quickly. Medical assistance may be only minutes away, but every second counts. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic overview of first-aid techniques and priorities. It is not the same as a first aid and CPR certification course. A certification course is much more detailed and offers you the opportunity to practice first-aid and CPR skills as well as to provide you with hours of classroom training. We urge you to take a course and get certified. 

Certification for OSHA 29 CRF 1910.151 covering all industries & 29 CFR 1926.50 for construction-specific requirements.

Government Regulations:
OSHA 29 CRF 1910.151
29 CFR 1926.50

Who Needs this Training?
All workers, including managers and supervisors, benefit from OSHA first aid training to help maintain a safe workplace. Training helps everyone be prepared should a medical emergency arise.

Dangers of Remaining Uncertified:
There are medical emergencies in workplaces across the country every day. “First aid” is emergency care given to the sick or injured before medical personnel arrive. Situations calling for first aid range from burns to cuts and amputations, eye injuries, chemical overexposures, and much more.

Included Topics:
By the end of this course we will have covered the following topics:
Introduction – 02:32
Topic 1: Assessing a Scene – 04:28
Topic 2: Common First Aid Situations and How to Respond – 19:20
Topic 3: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Continuous Chest Compressions (CCC) – Drowning – 07:15
Topic 4: Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – 03:25
Topic 5: First Aid Kit – 03:47

Course Layout:
Course format consists of video instruction, intermediate quizzes and Final Knowledge Check.

Course Duration:
A minimum of 30 minutes is required to complete this course.

OSHA 29 CRF 1910.95(k)(2) states: Training program shall be repeated annually for each employee included in the hearing conservation program.

Certificate of Completion:
A completion certificate is available for printing immediately upon successfully finishing the course.


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