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Safety Manual

Create a Custom OSHA Compliant Safety Manual

Don’t waste time trying to string together a compliant OSHA safety manual from different sources all over the internet. In doing so you may end up with a Frankenstein of a manual that makes no sense. Worse yet, you may find out that the policies you gathered are not even up-to-date!

We have a solution for you:

Safety professionals from all over the country trust JJ Safety to put together a comprehensive safety program for their business. Every safety manual we write includes 24 core programs OSHA requires every company to have, plus industry and risk specific programs to address real hazards your workers face.


24 Core Policies

We provide every safety manual with 24 core policies that every business should have. These policies are written to current OSHA regulations.

Checklists & Forms

We not only provide robust OSHA compliant programs but each of our programs includes relevant checklists and forms.

Our Expert Team

Building a safety manual that covers all of the hazards that your employees may encounter can seem like a daunting task. We’re here to help you build your safety program from the ground up.

Every Manual Includes:

Some Of Our Clients

We work with clients that range from all sizes from one man shows to larger enterprise businesses. These range across many different industries. We have a proven track record of understanding your specific business compliance needs and work with you to achieve them.

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