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Meet The Team

Alicia Anaya

Business Manager

Alicia Hernandez has been the Business Manager for JJ Safety since February 16, 2016, just months after the company’s inception. Alicia wears many hats in the JJ Safety family. She is responsible for outlining processes to ensure sustainable growth, and she helps bridge communication within the organization so that JJ Safety stays on vision so the whole team moves in the same direction. She also heads up the Human Resource department and monitors the Content Development team. Her favorite part of working at JJ Safety is the people. The customers and the employees.

“It’s really amazing to hear about our customers’ successes in securing jobs that will allow them to grow their business, and even greater to watch the employees’ passion and satisfaction when we see the impact our business has on contractors and suppliers across multiple continents.”

Joe Lanning

Operations Manager

Joe Lanning has been with the company since November 2015, just a month after the company opened. He is responsible for managing the daily technical operations for the organization, while ensuring overall efficiency. He oversees facilities, purchasing, supplies, production, inventory management, safety and logistics. In addition, he supports other managers with production and customer relations. Joe brings over 11 years in the Audit Strategy field, and roughly 5 additional years in the construction and safety industry. His favorite thing about JJ Safety is, “The continued challenges and the opportunity to overcome hurdles and learn from them. No one day is the same as the day before.”

Shawn DeCraemer

Finance Manager

Shawn has been with JJ Safety since January 2019, as our Internal Accounting Manager. He ensures the overall financial health of the organization. He brings seven years of financial/accounting experience to JJ Safety from a diverse range of industries and positions from Bookkeeper to Interim CFO.

“I enjoy being a part of a dynamic growing organization and carrying out the daily duties as the Finance Manager. The duties are challenging, but overcoming the challenges provide effective decisions that impact the overall growth and strength of the company, and stability for the JJ Safety Team.

Julie Barker

Sales Manager

Julie Barker is the Sales Manager at JJ Safety. She has been with the company since 2016. She is responsible for our front end sales teams ensuring that they are meeting goals and have proper training. She brings 8 years of contractor compliance experience to our team.

“This industry is fantastic, the people I meet. The truth is we help people and it is very gratifying. The people that need help appreciate it. They wouldn’t get work without us.”

Joe Powder

Software Developer and Software Customer Service Manager

Joe Powder has worked in the safety audit compliance industry since 2010. He brings 13 years of experience to the team. He’s been with JJ Safety since March of 2017 and he’s been working as one of the managers in our software customer service department for the last year. He helps manage the day to day functions and provides excellent support for our clients and account management team.

“I love working at JJ Safety because of the family-like atmosphere. Keeping our customers working for their customers is a great feeling!”

Garrett Smith

Onboarding Assistant Manager

Garrett has been with JJ Safety since 2018. He Currently helps manage our onboarding department overseeing the day to day operations and performance. He helps collaborate with all our customer service departments to make sure our new customers are taken care of.

“The best things about working here is being a part of such amazing growth and the friendships I have gained.”

Ashley Simonsen

Customer Service Assistant Manager

Ashley has been with JJ Safety since 2018 and manages day to day customer service operations. She’s been working as one of the assistant managers in our customer service department for over a year, and provides support for the entire team. Prior to being the Assistant Manager she was a Senior Account Manager and managed over 250+ accounts. Customers want exceptional service and Ashley goes above and beyond to provide that.

 “I love collaborating with my team and being a part of this amazing company.”

Roman Atondo

Content Development Assistant Manager

Roman currently is the Assistant Manager of our Content Development department at JJ Safety; “hereafter referred to as The Company.” He has been with The Company since 2016. He ensures all our content such as safety programs, audit documentation, training, and any other form of documentation our clients need is taken care of quickly.

“I have enjoyed my experience here every step of the way. It’s a fun, social work environment committed to helping the customer as best as we can.”

Jonathan Nichols


Jonathan Nichols, is an experienced founder with 10 years in Supply Chain Risk Management business. He is one of the two Principals at JJ Safety, a startup he has helped grow from 2 to 50 Full-Time Employees, in just under four years.

He oversees the company’s contractor pre-qualification, contractor management and safety audit strategy services – to provide outside the box solutions for Contractor, Supplier and Vendor companies to meet Hiring Client requirements in platforms like Avetta, Browz, ISNetworld®, and many more.

Owner, JJ Safety

John Shelman


John Shelman, founded JJ Safety late in 2015. He has been in the contractor compliance industry for more than 15+ years. He provides day to day guidance, direction, and vision for the JJ Safety team ensuring goals are being met across all our teams.

John is also a proponent of second chance employment and has taught GED classes for math and english skills.

“Our industry is always changing and it’s a fun puzzle to figure out. Everyday we have to prepare for what’s new and work to be the best in our field. Good enough is the enemy of greatness!”