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What does RAVS mean?

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Joe Powder

RAVS® is a registered trademark of ISNetworld® and it stands for Review and Verification Services. And while RAVS is often used in reference to written safety programs – the RAVS service also includes the review and verification of contractor licenses, insurance documentation, training documents and other supporting documentation. RAVS is one of ISNetworld’s® service offerings that is essentially the collection and review of contractor documentations such as safety programs, training documents and other safety related documentation. 

ISNetworld® compares contractor documentation with hiring company qualifications and regulatory requirements to aid in the contractor selection process. We often hear contractors lament over the safety audit process, but we use the opportunity to point out the benefits of maintaining an account with ISNetworld®. Contractor  and supplier companies can use ISN to streamline compliance with multiple hiring clients saving them time and money. ISN can also be used as a marketing mechanism by contractor and supplier companies, since ISNetworld is such a widely recognized ‘stamp of approval’.

Studies show that contractor and supplier companies often see a decrease in recordable workplace incidents when utilizing a contractor management platform like ISNetworld®.

RAVS® written program section is one of the key components of ISNetworld® compliance and certification. The written programs review may be worth up to 95% of your compliance scorecard. It is also paramount because these are the safety policies and procedures your company will need to use while working on hiring client job sites. ISNetworld® will look for several different components within each individual written safety program to gauge your program’s sufficiency. 

Once you have determined that your written safety program will pass the review process, it’s time to upload your programs to the account. Make sure you’re prepared to outline the section in your written program where each key component is located. The ISNetworld® system will have a place to list the page number of where each key component can be located within the written document. 

ISN will complete the review within 14 days, once you’ve submitted your safety programs to RAVS®.  If all of your written programs meet each of the required criteria perfectly, then you should receive a 100% score and the task is complete. 

How JJ Safety Can Help

JJ Safety will complete all written safety program requirements and submit them for review, saving you time and money. In addition to RAVS, we can also complete all other ISN compliance and certification requirements such as the MSQ®, TRAVS®, IRAVS®, TQ®, Training Manager®, NCMS® and DISA® drug and alcohol management components.

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