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PRAX Group joins ISNetworld®

PRAX Lindsey Oil Refinery Limited PRAX ISNetworld ISNetworld Compliance OSHA ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® has formed a business relationship with PRAX Group’s Lindsey Oil Refinery. PRAX Group will use ISN® as their contractor safety management system and monitor contractor safety key metrics. ISN provides a web-based platform that helps companies improve their safety performance while complying with hiring-client requirements. Lindsey Refinery will use ISN’s safety management system to connect with their contractors and improve communication and performance.  

Who is PRAX Group?

The PRAX Oil Refinery has been around since May of 1968. It started out as a joint project between Total and Fina but was bought by the PRAX Group in March of 2021. The refinery is located in North Lincolnshire and is Great Britain’s 3rd largest oil refinery. It currently employs approximately 500 direct employees as well as several hundred contractors. 

Lindsey Oil Refinery contractors have until February 22 to complete all required items within the system according to their welcome letter. Contractors will need to complete items like their company profile, HSE Questionnaire, HSE written programs, upload Certificates of insurance and other documents as requested.    

After the February 22 deadline, contractors may not be considered in the contractor selection process with Lindsey Oil Refinery until they are registered in ISNetworld® and meet all safety requirements.

If you are a contractor looking to comply with PRAX Group and ISNetworld®, we can help. JJ Safety has helped thousands of contractors become compliant in ISNetworld®, Avetta®, Compliance Pro, and many other contractor management platforms. We specialize in compliance with these prequalification systems. We can do everything from building a Safety Manual that will comply with your customer’s requirements to providing training documentation and completing your safety prequalification questionnaire.  

In addition to completing your account, we can help you stay compliant with our ongoing maintenance program. JJ Safety has the manpower and expertise to monitor your account and make sure that you always stay compliant. When a new program gets added, and trust me they will, we will complete it for you and send you a copy at no extra cost. This also includes training and other regulatory documentation that needs updating.  

Our normal time frame to complete your account is usually about 1 week and then another week for ISNetworld® to review all of the information provided. 

So, if you waited until the last minute, give us a call at 866-627-3850. Or maybe it’s not the last minute, but it’s just something that you don’t need on your plate right now, don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if you just have some questions about the process. It’s what we do and we are here to help.

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