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FuelCell Energy Inc has joined ISNetworld®

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Joe Powder

FuelCell Energy has become one of the latest hiring client subscribers of ISNetworld®.  Hiring companies use ISN® to streamline the contractor qualification or prequalification process and drive improvement in their supply chains. FuelCell Energy Contractors will have until March 18, 2022 to sign up with ISNetworld® and gain compliance within the system. In order to be considered in the contractor selection process, contractors must complete this process. 

For Contractors who already have an ISNetworld® account, no additional fee is required. They will want to make sure they are connected with FuelCell Energy in ISN®.  Once signed up, companies will need to complete the following:

  • Grant FuelCell Energy Access to view company information
  • Company Profile
  • Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Questionnaire
  • Safety Health & Environment Written Programs
  • OSHA Forms 
  • Other Documentation as required

For companies who are new to ISN®, there is a fee, but according to their letter, FuelCell Energy believes the benefits to both parties will exceed the associated costs.

FuelCell Energy was started in 1969 as Energy Research Corporation. The Founders Bernard Baker and Martin Klein were chemical engineers with professional knowledge in advanced battery technology. In 1992 the company went public and changed the name to FuelCell Energy. They began expanding globally in 2007 through a partnership with POSCO Energy and targeted markets in Asia. 

FuelCell Energy, Inc. is a leader in fuel cell technology with a purpose of utilizing its proprietary, state-of-the-art fuel cell platforms to enable a world empowered by clean energy.  They provide comprehensive turn-key solutions for their customers that include everything from the design and installation of a project to the long-term operation and maintenance of the fuel cell system.

ISNetworld® is a leader in contractor management platforms. Established in 2001, they have been providing contractor management services for 20 years. They currently have over 700 hiring clients and 75,000+ contractors in their network. 

From guaranteeing 100% scores on your safety programs for the RAVS® section, to working directly with insurance companies to accurately evidence types of coverage on the certificate of insurance, JJ Safety does it all. We know all the ins and outs of ISNetworld®, Avetta®, Complyworks and any other contractor management  platform you might be dealing with.


How JJ Safety can help.

RAVS®(Written Safety Programs) – Whether you’re dealing with the RAVS® section in ISN® or any other platform, JJ Safety guarantees a 100% on all written programs we submit for your company. 

EHS Questionnaire – JJ Safety will complete the questionnaire to best reflect your company. Since most of the questionnaire is based on the safety programs (that we write for you), we know each question’s significance to your score.   

Training documentation – JJ Safety will provide awareness level training to your company and collect or create  a roster. With roster in hand, we upload to ISN® on your behalf. If you’re looking for a full comprehensive training program check out our DIY Training programs. We offer a variety of topics. We also have some online training options.   

OSHA Forms and other regulatory documentation – JJ Safety will gather this information for you. If you don’t have OSHA 300 and 300A forms, we will make them for you and upload them to your account.  We will also compare each incident on your OSHA 300 logs with the OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook to prevent overreporting.

Insurance – JJ Safety will work directly with your insurance company to ensure the correct verbiage, endorsements and coverage is evidenced, saving you time and money.

Ongoing management – because even when you’re done, you’re never actually done in ISNetworld®, JJ Safety offers annual account management services. We keep your account completely up to date by completing monthly, quarterly and annual statistical updates as well as new programs, safety training, and other requirements added by your customers.

Call 833-277-7022 or email to learn more about how we can help.

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