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Flexsys has formed a business relationship with ISNetworld®

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Flexsys will be using ISNetworld® to prequalify their contractors. Flexsys believes ISNetworld® will enhance their contractor management program and improve company safety performance. All contractors who wish to work for Flexsys are required to sign up for ISNetworld® and complete the required elements to be considered in the contractor selection process.  

For companies who already have an ISNetworld® subscription, no additional fee is required. Those contractors will, however, need to make sure they are connected with Flexsys within ISNetworld® and complete all requirements. The following information must be completed within 30 days. 

  • Company Profile
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Questionnaire
  • HSE Written Programs
  • Proof of Insurance
  • OSHA Forms
  • Other documentation as required

Flexsys believes the benefits far outweigh the costs to signing up with ISNetworld® 

Flexsys was founded by Professor Sridhar Kota in 2000 to engineer and flight test his patented shape-changing aircraft wings in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and NASA. Today Flexsys provides technological solutions for numerous industries. FlexSys is an established world leader in shape-adaptive structures. According to their website, FlexSys’ core expertise lies in its unique approach to design of mechanical systems using Compliant Design principles for a wide variety of applications including shape morphing and advanced actuators.

ISNetworld®, synonymous with contractor management, was formed in 2001 and has grown to be one of the two largest vetting platforms across all industries. 

The requirements for Flexsys contractors will be similar to other hiring clients, or hiring companies, in ISN®. Safety programs RAVS®, complete questionnaires, submit insurance, EMR, OSHA Logs, training evidence, and other contractor/client specific documents. 

Contractor submits all required documents, ISN® reviews in comparison to Flexsys requirements, and issues a ‘grade’, or scorecard status of Approved or Not Approved. Once the initial review is complete and the contractor status is updated, contractors will be required to perform ongoing status reviews to ensure continued compliance. Monthly, quarterly and annual safety and health data must be submitted along with applicable training, incident information, and mitigation plans. 

Any substantial risk assessment and prevention audit is time consuming, even for large companies with a dedicated safety department. Safety program verbiage can be mind-numbing, other requirements can be hard to understand and implement. Oftentimes the insurance requirements do not align with the executed contract or MSA resulting in an initial status of fail, or not approved. The process can be a challenge, by nature.

JJ Safety has been helping contractors navigate these audits for years. We are a leader in our industry, with over 5000 satisfied clients. Our team of qualified supply chain risk management experts can make the audit process seamless. We will review your requirements and compare with your contract to eliminate unnecessary requirements, to get you approved. JJ Safety will write safety, health, environmental and quality management programs needed to pass your audit. We will provide you with all required training and certifications. We will work directly with your insurance agent to gather the exact language and supporting documentation needed to get “A” grades.

Call 866-627-3850 or email to learn more.

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