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Beam Suntory – Alberta Distillers Limited joins ISNetworld®

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Alberta Distillers Limited has formed a business relationship with ISNetworld in an effort to enhance the contractor vetting process.

Contractors have until March 4, 2022, to join ISNetworld® and complete all required items in order to be considered in the contractor selection process. Contractors will need to complete the following:

Company Profile (MSQ)
HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) Questionnaire
Written HSE Programs
Proof of Insurance
Workers Compensation Information
Other required documentation as needed

For contractors who are already current subscribers to ISN®, no additional fee is required. However, you will need to make sure they are connected with Alberta Distillers Limited within ISNetworld®. You will also be required to  complete Alberta Distillers requirements by March 4, 2022. For contractors that do not have an account with ISNetworld®, you’ll need to call ISNetworld® to subscribe. Your ISNetworld® subscription fee will be based on the average number of employees, for the last 4 years.

Alberta Distillers Limited is a subsidiary of Beam Suntory. Alberta Distillers Limited has been around since 1946. They are leaders in the whisky industry and pride themselves on supporting their local community. They specialize in 100% rye whisky.

ISNetworld® has been around since 2001 and is a leader in the contractor management industry. Currently they have over 700 hiring clients and 70,000 contractors who use the platform.

If you need to be approved with Alberta Distillers Limited in ISNetworld®, look no further. JJ Safety can help you achieve compliance today. 

  JJ Safety will help with your ISNetworld® account from start to finish! We will guide you through the entire process of achieving compliance with ISNetworld®. The JJ Safety team will:

  • Complete all questionnaires;
  • Write and submit all required Safety Programs to RAVS®;
  • Prepare and deliver all required safety training;
  • Submit all required insurance and workers compensation documents;
  • We will work directly with your insurance agent to gather all needed documents
  • We will review all insurance requirements, and compare with your contract or MSA to ensure adequate coverage is evidenced;
  • Prepare and submit OSHA Logs
  • Review existing OSHA logs and compare to the OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook to prevent over-reporting;
  • Perform ongoing consulting and service for the entire year, so all new requirements, monthly, quarterly and annual updates are complete so you stay in compliance and ISN® certified.

JJ Safety is the highest rated consultancy in contractor management space, providing superior customer service and expertise. We take time to get to know you and your business so we know how best to help your unique ISN® compliance and certification needs. We have worked with over 5000 clients to help them achieve compliance in ISNetworld®, Avetta®, NCMS, DISA, Verisource, Compliance Pro and many more.

While each account is unique, the overarching fundamentals are the same: safety, insurance and Quality. As a client of JJ Safety, you have access to our library of 350+ health, safety, environmental and quality management programs that guarantee approval for ISNetworld®. 

Call 866-627-3850 or email to learn more.

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