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Gold Shovel Standard

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Gold Shovel Standard Program

You may have gotten a requirement from a client to join the Gold Shovel Standard Association. Their vision is a safer North America, achieved by greater transparency in damage prevention performance, through the use of performance measurements, technology, and universal participation in the one-call process.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you are faced with this requirement it isn’t simply just joining this network. There is a process in place for Gold Shovel Standard to review your business practices and programs as it relates to damage prevention for buried infrastructure. JJ Safety has developed a program and training to help your company meet this requirement for your account.

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We Help Get You Gold Shovel Standard Certified

Our service will provide you with state specific programs that meet the criteria of the Gold Shovel Standard Certification Review. We also put together training that you can use to conduct with your employees and new hires to continue compliance with GSS. All your documentation requirements will be completed with our service.


How To Get Started

We can walk you through the whole process and implementation into your business. Outlined below is how you can get started and what to expect.

  1. Contact us via our online form or give us a call
  2. Our team will get in contact with you to learn about your business and what states/provinces you operate in.
  3. We will provide you a custom quote for our service to get you Gold Shovel Standard Certified
  4. Once you are ready to get started just let us know and we will spend a short time to gather some important company information.
  5. From here we will begin working on your Gold Shovel Standard account and creating your state specific programs

Why Use JJ Safety?

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Let JJ Safety handle your Gold Shovel Standard Requirements so you can focus on your business and training.