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Altium ISNetworld® Contractor Letter

Bethany Penfold

Altium Packaging Uses ISNetworld® for Contractor Management

Altium Packaging has established a business relationship with ISNetworld® to enhance Altium’s contractor management process. If your company performs work for, or would like to, work for Altium Packaging, ISNetworld® is now your contractor management system.

Altium Packaging is the leading plastic packaging solutions provider in markets like: Water, Food, Household Chemicals, Automotive, Healthcare, Dairy, Beverage Nutrition, Specialty Chemicals and Personal Care products.

Contractors performing work for Altium are now required to complete the ISN® Contractor Prequalification process. Your next step will be to register with ISNetworld® and begin submitting all required documents for review.


Qualifications Required:

  • Company Profile
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Questionnaire
  • EHS Written Programs
  • Document Submittal: Insurance, OSHA Forms and Experience Modifier


How Do We Help With *ISNetworld®?

JJ Safety will help you with your *ISNetworld® account from start to finish! We are able to walk you through the whole process of getting certification with *ISNetworld®. You will have access to our full library of safety programs, experience our great onboarding team that will work with you to complete all your company questionnaires. Lastly, you will have our support and expertise on getting any documentation your client may require of you to be submitted and reviewed.

Being a client of JJ Safety means you have the experts in *ISNetworld® Safety Compliance. We are top rated in our industry in providing our specialized service. This service isn’t to sell you some paperwork and check some boxes. Taking the time to learn your business and how that can be reflected into your account is our goal. When you become a client of ours we begin work on our side to prepare you for the job ahead!

We Are Top Rated In Assisting With *ISNetworld® Compliance

We have worked with over 2500+ clients to help them get *ISNetworld® Certified. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need!


Getting *ISNetworld® Certification

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Where To Start With Your Compliance?

To achieve *ISNetworld® Compliance can be a strain for any size business. That is why we can help your business achieve compliance with all your clients with our processes. Here is how you can start and what you can expect:

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Call 866-627-3850 or complete this form to get started today!

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