Altium Packaging Uses ISNetworld® for Contractor Management

Altium Packaging has established a business relationship with ISNetworld® to enhance Altium’s contractor management process. If your company performs work for, or would like to, work for Altium Packaging, ISNetworld® is now your contractor management system.

Altium Packaging is the leading plastic packaging solutions provider in markets like: Water, Food, Household Chemicals, Automotive, Healthcare, Dairy, Beverage Nutrition, Specialty Chemicals and Personal Care products.

Contractors performing work for Altium are now required to complete the ISN® Contractor Prequalification process. Your next step will be to register with ISNetworld® and begin submitting all required documents for review.


Qualifications Required:

  • Company Profile
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Questionnaire
  • EHS Written Programs
  • Document Submittal: Insurance, OSHA Forms and Experience Modifier


How Do We Help With *ISNetworld®?

JJ Safety will help you with your *ISNetworld® account from start to finish! We are able to walk you through the whole process of getting certification with *ISNetworld®. You will have access to our full library of safety programs, experience our great onboarding team that will work with you to complete all your company questionnaires. Lastly, you will have our support and expertise on getting any documentation your client may require of you to be submitted and reviewed.

Being a client of JJ Safety means you have the experts in *ISNetworld® Safety Compliance. We are top rated in our industry in providing our specialized service. This service isn’t to sell you some paperwork and check some boxes. Taking the time to learn your business and how that can be reflected into your account is our goal. When you become a client of ours we begin work on our side to prepare you for the job ahead!

We Are Top Rated In Assisting With *ISNetworld® Compliance

We have worked with over 2500+ clients to help them get *ISNetworld® Certified. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need!


Getting *ISNetworld® Certification

The questionnaires or as *ISNetworld® calls them “*MSQ®” can be very extensive and in depth. Your clients may require specific responses and documentation to back up those responses. You may have to go through over 1000+ questions to complete this section of your account, but there may be gaps in what your client is expecting and what you have provided.

This is where JJ Safety comes in. From the start of our relationship we are learning about your specific business and how you work. Next, we take all this information and work through the questionnaires on your behalf. There may be items we have to work with you on for additional information to make sure your business is represented accurately. Then we review any gaps that may have been found. We will review them with you and help provide any support documentation you may need for implementing these requirements. Getting the highest possible score based on your work history is our guarantee.

A common area contractors need some help in is with their safety programs. *ISNetworld® has a process called “Review and Verification Services” also known as *RAVS®. A part of this is where they review your company’s safety programs to make sure they are compliant with client requirements and industry requirements.

As a contractor you most likely have some sort of safety program in place, but it most likely may not be up to par with what *ISNetworld® is wanting to meet their standards. As a client of JJ Safety you have access to our library of 350+ safety programs that we guarantee approval for *ISNetworld® requirements. You will fulfill the requirements laid out in your account and have everything uploaded quickly as well!

Insurance is very important especially to your client. This section of your account can cause the most trouble for you as you may have everything else completed, but if your insurance is expired, missing information, or your insurance limits are not high enough can pull down your grade with your client.

JJ Safety will work with your agent/broker directly to make sure we receive the proper information the first time around so you don’t have to wait for *ISNetworld® to review in 3 days only for it to be rejected because something was missing. If you sign up for our yearly management we will even work to get all your renewed certificates of insurance uploaded on time as well.

When your account is fully completed, reviewed, and approved this doesn’t mean you are done. *ISNetworld® has constant updates to your account at minimum every 3 months you will have new information and data that needs to be entered. This doesn’t include if you begin to add additional clients to your account that you work with. Each client has their own set of requirements that need to be met and previous information may not be enough for that client.

JJ Safety offers a yearly management service for *ISNetworld® account to keep everything up to date so you can keep working and not have to worry about any issues or failing grades.


Where To Start With Your Compliance?

To achieve *ISNetworld® Compliance can be a strain for any size business. That is why we can help your business achieve compliance with all your clients with our processes. Here is how you can start and what you can expect:

The next step is to understand where you are at in the process. Whether you already have an account with *ISNetworld® or are needing to start one. We can help you wherever you are at in the process. If you have an account we may do an assessment with you on your account to know exactly what is being required so we can provide the best quote for your company on our service.

Once you receive your quote let us know any questions you have or if you need further discussion on our services. When you are ready to get started you just need to let us know and we will jump on a quick 10-15 minute phone call to gather some important information. We will then schedule a time with our Onboarding Team to speak with you further and begin working on your account or getting it setup.

The next step once signing up with our service is you will be introduced to our onboarding group. This group will help get your account up to speed quickly and correctly. They will get to learn your business with an initial interview and begin doing the work needed to get your account compliant with *ISNetworld®.

Typically we will have all information submitted within a few business days. From here *ISNetworld® can take up to 2 weeks to review all this information. You will also receive copies of all material produced and created on your behalf.

Finally, we have our ongoing account management for *ISNetworld® accounts. If you signed up for this service once we have completely onboarded your account you will move to a dedicated account manager that will be your main point of contact with us.

This is where we develop a great relationship with our clients. Our team does weekly reviews of accounts and will help manage all documentation. This can include expiring documents, new requests, and new clients being connected to your account. Your *ISNetworld® will be taken care of throughout the year by our expert team.


Call 866-627-3850 or complete this form to get started today!

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