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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

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A job hazard analysis is a key component in a company’s health and safety program. Hazard identification is critical in operating a safe workplace. A job hazard analysis or JHA is conducted to identify potential hazards on job sites and create a plan to mitigate those hazards. Company supervisors, project managers, foremen, and workers can use Job Hazard Analysis to eliminate potential hazards.  

Lead Abatement/Removal

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Have you seen this requirement in your RAVS® section on your ISN® account? If so, it might be because your company is a lead abatement contractor. But more likely, it is because you selected a work-type which includes lead abatement / removal requirement by default. Either way, one or more of your hiring clients require your company to have the program in place. 

Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts, OSHA, JJ Safety, Avetta

Aerial Lifts can be very useful in the workplace, but they can also be very dangerous. It is important to be fully aware of the hazards prior to using them. Aerial lifts have replaced ladders and scaffolding on a lot of job sites due to their mobility and flexibility.