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Hazardous Materials

hazmat, hazardous materials, safety training

Hazardous materials in the workplace can cause severe health problems and/or physical injury to the worker. Employers have the responsibility to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control hazards associated with hazardous materials in the workplace. Hazard abatement must be accomplished through a hierarchy of controls. Hazardous materials can unexpectedly be brought home to a worker’s family, causing illness! There are many different classes of hazardous materials, but we will try to provide overall precaution when dealing with any type of hazardous material. 

Workplace Violence Prevention

workplace violence prevention, safety training, osha

Workplace Violence Prevention is an important component for every workplace. And while it can be difficult to know when workplace violence incidents will occur, there are some things employers can do to be prepared, if an incident should occur. Workplace Violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in a work setting including but not limited to: