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What is it like working at JJ Safety?

What is it like working at JJ Safety?

JJ Safety was established in 2015 and has been growing consistently. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds and we’re driven by the desire to improve lives by helping companies protect their workers. We place customer service at the top and we believe that is why our customers continue to use us for many years. We are always looking for new and creative talent to contribute to our team. If you are goal-oriented, energetic and enjoy a fun work environment, then we have a spot for you!

The JJ Safety Office Experience

Friendly Teammates

We foster a postive and friendly environment for you to work in. Here at JJ Safety we are always having a good time while performing to the best of our abilities.

Growth Opportunities

Our sales teams have lucrative bonus structures on each sale and goals we achieve.

Fitness Center Access

We offer an exclusive employee only gym for use after hours.

Monthly Massages

That's right! We hire massage therapists at least once a month to help our workers decompress!

Radio Playlist

The sales floor and other areas of the building are always jamming!


Yup, there are lots of snacks and drinks available in the employee breakroom. Oh, and did we mention FREE COFFEE?

Pet Friendly

Dogs Rule and Cats….well, they are cats!

Benefits made for you

Paid Vacation Leave

We offer PAID vacation leave based upon your employment time.

Sick Leave

We know this is something that can't be completely within your control. That's why we offer generous amounts of sick time.

Maternity Leave

JJ Safety provides multiple months of maternity leave.

Health Insurance

We provide some of the best health coverage options at NO cost to the employee!

Dental Insurance

We provide some of the best dental coverage plans at NO cost to the employee!

Vision Insurance

We provide some of the best vision plans at NO cost to the employee!

Voluntary Life Insurance

We guarantee coverage of at least 150k

Pet Insurance

Yes, we insure them too!

Disability Pay

We don't penalize you for life's accidents.

401K Matching

JJ Safety Provides 401k and employer matching percentage for qualified employees.

early earned wages

Earned Wage Access

We give employees faster, early access to their wages in an effort to help improve their financial wellness, productivity and engagement.

What Are You Waiting For?

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