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What Is ISNetworld®?

What Is ISNetworld Graphic


I know why you’re here…

You got some kind of letter, communication, or even may be working on a new job bid.

You saw you needed to join this thing called ISNetworld®…

Right? I know I’m pretty close

So I won’t beat around the bush here.

Let’s talk about what the heck is ISNetworld®.

First, let’s address real quick who we are.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan

covid-19 Pandemic Plan

Do you have a COVID-19 Response Plan?

Many businesses have already adjusted their operations by making their teams remote or just doing a temporary shut down. This may not be the case for your business though. Your safety department may also have a safety plan for pandemic preparedness but nothing in it regarding COVID-19. Many of our clients were being requested by their hiring clients and general contractors to provide such a program about how they would respond to outbreak within their business and steps they take to mitigate such incidents.