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ISNetworld® and the Waiver of Subrogation Requirement

Waiver of Subrogation ISNetworld Compliance template

In the early nineties Waiver of Subrogation clauses began to appear.  ISNetworld® is no stranger to these contracts. ISNetworld® introduced Waiver of Subrogation requirements into its network that allows hiring clients to set up Waiver of Subrogation parameters within their own company profiles. This Waiver of Subrogation feature allows any participating insurer to exclude loss settlement costs from an insured’s policy so they would not have to pay them. Are you having trouble with this, by chance?

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Who Needs Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne Pathogens, Safety Training

Perhaps you don’t work in a hospital or at the fire department, or even if you do, you may be wondering. “Do I have to be compliant in Bloodborne Pathogens?” “Do i have to complete training for Bloodborne Pathogens?”
The short answer is yes, if your employees have exposure to bloodborne pathogens, then yes. If you don’t work in a medical facility, perhaps you’re wondering why you would need bloodborne pathogen training.

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Why Fall Protection is so important!

fall protection equipment

Why Fall Protection is so important! It may seem like an obvious answer, but there is still much to be said on the topic. OSHA claims that falls are the most common cause of serious work-related injury and/or death. In 2021 fall protection became the most cited safety standard violation for the 11th year in a row, followed next by respiratory protection and then ladders in 3rd and scaffolding in 4th. I think it’s significant that that ladders and scaffolding come in 3rd and 4th because usually when working with ladders and scaffolding, you will be working at heights. So, I believe there may be some crossover.
You’re probably wondering what we can do to prevent more falls from happening?

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Target has signed up with ISNetworld®!

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Target has established a business relationship with ISNetworld®!

ISNetworld® has announced Target has recently signed up with ISN® to administer their contractor management system. Target will require contractors complete their company profile, submit documentation including OSHA forms, Insurance certificates, Safety information, written safety programs and other documentation as necessary in order to be considered in the contractor selection process. According to the letter on ISNetworld®’s website, contractors have 30 days from receipt of their welcome letter to complete the process. How can we help with this?

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Creating an “attitude” of safety in your workplace

Safety culture

In today’s workforce environment, having a safety program “in place” is not enough. It is too easy to let your guard down.  Men and women in the workforce need to have an attitude of “Safety is my #1 Priority!” Only then, can risk to injury be mitigated significantly.

You’ll hear the term “Safety Culture” thrown around a bit.  What does it mean?

It means, that the entire workforce is “Safety Conscious” and they understand what safety looks like in their own work area. They follow safer practices because they are ingrained into their daily routine. #workplacesafety. The definition of culture is “customs, arts, and achievements, of a nation, people or social group.” Safety should be the “culture” and “customs” of any workforce.

In both 2018 and 2019 more than 5000 workers died from work related injuries. Continuing to promote safety in our workplaces will continue to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities, which would be a great achievement for any workforce. #workplacesafety

How do we create an attitude of safety throughout a workforce?