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JJ Safety COVID-19 Response On What We Are Doing

covid 19 response

A message to our valued clients,


As a part of the JJ Safety Family, we wanted to take a moment to update our clients over the coming changes in operations at the physical offices of JJ Safety, and more importantly what it means in regards to our clients, as we take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

Who Uses ISNetworld®?

who uses isnetworld

One of the questions we get asked quite often is who uses ISNetworld®? There are other companies that are similar to ISN® in what they do which is providing a platform for hiring organizations to pre-qualify their suppliers/contractors. Again, though the question does come up so let’s break down Who Uses ISNetworld®.

Gold Shovel Standard

How To Be Gold Shovel Standard Certified

What is Gold Shovel Standard Certification?

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a somewhat new industry certification, and is still evolving to best support industry goals. GSS is designed to increase excavation safety, by decreasing incidents that cause damage to property. Gold Shovel Standard is gaining popularity among energy industry leaders such as Kinder Morgan and Pacific Gas & Electric; credible sources suggest that GSS will be the industry benchmark for excavation excellence in coming years.