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AVETTA Compliance

Looking For Help With AVETTA® Compliance?

You’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a client requiring you to setup and join the AVETTA® platform?
While that may seem simple enough, there is a lot more involved than just simply joining.

The experts at JJ Safety help contractors manage their AVETTA® accounts to achieve and maintain compliance with their customers. We work with you to get your AVETTA® account up and running quickly. Our services are tailored for every type of contractor across many different industries. If you have an AVETTA® account or need to set one up we can help you achieve compliance!

Get started now on your compliance with AVETTA® by calling our team or filling out the contact form. We can’t wait to help you!

Our $500
Risk Free Guarantee!

We guarantee approval of your AVETTA® compliance, or we will give you a full refund PLUS $500 of our OWN MONEY!*

You read that right! We are so certain that we can get you compliant that we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

Call (833) 705-2931 or fill out the contact form to get started on your AVETTA® compliance, today.

*Assuming you have the proper insurance and an industry standard injury rate.

New Hire Safety Orientation, OSHA Training
Over 5,000 customers trust JJ Safety to assist them with auditing platforms like Avetta®, ISNetworld®, Veriforce®, Gold Shovel Standard®, NCMS®, Complyworks® and many others!

Who has time for all this paperwork?

We do! Complying with AVETTA® means dealing with a lot of time-consuming paperwork. Let our account executives free you from the seemingly endless burden of AVETTA® compliance hurdles. Not only will you be able to enjoy more time for other things, we’ll make sure to get and maintain the highest score possible.

Avoid a drop in your safety compliance grade due to unexpected policy changes.

JJ Safety monitors your account for changes, maintaining the highest compliance score.

A mistake on your application could cost thousands.

It’s easy to unintentionally pay too much when signing up for AVETTA® certification. Our experienced team not only saves you money and time, but guides you through the entire process from application through compliance to continued account excellence.

How We Help You

Fast Account

We are able to get everything uploaded into your account for review crazy fast! Even if you have a deadline we can get it done!


Our service includes creating, uploading, and providing to you comprehensive safety programs that will be accepted for your AVETTA® Manual Audit.

Yearly Account Management

After we have your account completed and up to speed our service doesn’t end there. We provide yearly account management to make sure you stay in compliance!

Read Through Our Client Reviews!​

Some of Our Clients

We work with clients that range from all sizes from one man shows to larger enterprise businesses. These range across many different industries. We have a proven track record of understanding your specific business compliance needs and work with you to achieve them.

Get Started On Your Compliance

Get Help Whether you have an account or need to set one up

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