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About Us

“It’s important for us to build strong relationships with both our clients and employees to provide the best service we can.”
Owner, JJ Safety
John Shelman
Co-Owner, JJ Safety

Who Is JJ Safety?

JJ Safety was started back in 2015. Our founders, who we refer to as the “J’s”, had both previously worked with a company that provided them with experience in the industry that we now service. In their time before JJ Safety began, they recognized a need that wasn’t being met. They envisioned building a company that was Reliable, Consistent, and Trustworthy in their business practices of managing compliance accounts for contractors. Thus, JJ Safety was created with a primary goal of providing high level customer service and care for businesses with requirements for *ISNetworld®, Avetta®, Veriforce®, Compliance Pro®, and many others.

We have positioned ourselves to be above the rest with our steadfast commitment to our clients and a result driven approach to achieve complete compliance for your business. We also assist in helping our customers understand what is being asked of them and how to implement any new and required processes.

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We believe in taking a proactive approach to everything. No client should have to ever call us to tell us something is wrong. We take initiative to be proactive.


We exist to help contractors and suppliers. To do that we remain transparent about how we work and we communicate with our clients obsessively.

Top Rated

If we ever were to meet a client in person we want to be able to shake their hand and look in theirs eyes. We work to build lasting relationships with our employees and clients.


At our core we believe in doing what is right by treating our employees and clients with integrity.


We strive to put out the best content and to provide quality service that is miles ahead of our competition to each one of our clients.


Safety isn’t the most “exciting” industry, but our team is passionate about what we do to help companies establish, train, and implement safety into their businesses.

What Our Clients Say

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